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Diesel GenSet Predictive Maintenance

GenSetIn our solution we provide Monitoring and Control of following parameters:

  • Engine start / stop,
  • Engine Start speed
  • Oil temperature,
  • Pressure,
  • Fault codes and warnings,
  • Engine RPM’s,
  • Engine runtime,
  • Coolant temperatures,
  • Fuel flow rates,
  • Fuel level
  • Total fuel used,
  • Total KWH
  • Generator (energy/fuel) efficiency
  • Load operation
  • Pollution check/ Gas emission measurement

Our solution has following features :

Key Features

  • Extreme reliability
  • Data accuracy
  • Preventive maintenance and diagnostic information
  • Interface to other information systems
  • Acceptance testing
  • Report fuel usage of individual employees at each remote fuel site.
  • Allocate fuel to an employee at a remote fuel site.
  • Alert when fuel levels are low.
  • Flexible installation using the SAE5 Standard Mounting pattern.
  • High return on investment.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption.
  • Add Real Time or event based video recording for complete piece of mind.
  • Create detailed fuel consumption reports.
  • Accurate Ultrasonic Sensors report a continuous fuel level in each tank.
  • Monitor fuel leaks under the tank with an Fuel Sensor.
  • Fault notification screens for early problem identification and tracing
  • Continuous online monitoring